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Leandra's Corner

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Hello again. I am now 6 years old. I have to use 2 hands to show my age. I had a great Christmas... I have great grandparents! Daddy says they spoil me, but I think I am worth it. Next year, I will start real school. I am a little nervous about it, but excited too. It does mean that I will not be in America as much, because German schools only have a 6-week break in the summer. Please pray it all works out.






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Kendra's Corner

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Merry Christmas. I know it is a little late, but I personally think everyday should be Christmas. Daddy lets us eat whatever we want & granny sends me all kinds of cool stuff. Things are going great and now I am speaking German. Leandra and I often speak in German when we play. Mommy & Daddy do not understand what we are saying and I think that is cool. I am now 4 years old, and growing like a weed... but a cute weed.

Massengill Missions Minute


Dear Todd & Teresa,

We want to wish all of you a belated Merry Christmas. We apologize for not writing sooner, but we still do not have Internet at home and it makes it more difficult to stay in touch. Also we have had some other computer issues that hopefully we will get worked out soon. Anyway, we are so grateful to all of you that make our ministry possible. God is doing great things in the heart of the Islamic world, and you are playing an important part in what is happening. 



Pray for Israel  Description: mtolives_jerry

In November, I met Pastor Jerry Jeter from Bradenton, Florida in Israel. Along with his brother and father we traveled throughout the country, and where privileged to experience some of the ministries that are taking place. We visited our Jewish congregation, which is pastored by Gary Hull, the national overseer.  We also attended a service with our new church plant at the Church of God's guesthouse on the Mount of Olives where Pastor Jeter was asked to share the Word. Please pray for the church in Israel and the various pressures it faces. 




  Pray for Islamic WorldDescription: graduation

During the first week of December, I traveled again to the Middle East. My trip had various purposes including attending the graduation of one of our school's there. Twenty-five men and women completed their studies.  Also while I was there I was offered an opportunity that I was not ready for, which would require us to possible move to the Middle East in the future. Since our German visa is only good for 5 years, I believe it may be God opening this door. It is our dream and prayer to one day live in the Middle East and perhaps this is the way God will fulfill that hope. Finally while I was there I was able to begin my research on how we can develop immigrant churches into a missionary force in Muslim nations. I plan to return to the Middle East a lot over the next 5 months. Please be in prayer for our school, the students and the faculty. They risk much for what they do. Also pray for God's guidance upon our lives. We want to live in the Middle East, but more than that we want God's will for our lives. May He help us to know the difference. Finally, pray for the research. I truly believe if immigrant groups can be mobilized for missions among Muslims, a large portion of the 10/40 Window can be closed.




 Unexpected OpportunityDescription: holyseplucher

While I was in Israel God reminded me of the importance of how we should always be ready to share the Gospel. We were at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, which is one of the possible places of the tomb of Jesus. Anyway, the line to go inside the tomb was very long, and since I had been there many times, I choose to wait outside the tomb while the others went inside. While I was sitting there, an Indian man sat down beside me. After a while, he asked me about the site and if I knew the story around it. Literally 20 feet from the possible tomb of Jesus Christ I was able to share the gospel with someone who had basically never truly heard it. We never know when God will open doors for us to share, and we never know if that person has ever truly heard the great message man has ever been given.



Thanks so much for everything you have done for the ministry God has given us over this last year. The Great Commission can only be fulfilled by the whole church working together for the same purpose.

In His Service,

Vance, Kari, LeAndra, & Kendra Massengill

Middle East & Mediterranean Region 


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